Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Puppet So Far!

Alright! Like everyone else I've been working non stop on my film, and heres where I am so far. My main puppet is so close to being done, then props and sets will be underway soon! I also have two other puppets, one is at 90 percent completion I would say, the other...not that close yet! I'll be sculpting the rest of her replacement faces for the rest of my day and I'm really hoping to be done by friday. I'll keep this blog updated :) Thanks for taking a look too!

 My main character's costume is done, aside from the fabric that goes on her arms and legs (which will take no time at all!) Below you can kind of see the process of how the clothing was sewn.
It also took me forever to figure out how to give her cleavage haha! It worked out alright, not exactly how I would have liked but the clock was ticking

I hand stitched everything! 

She looks so homeless when shes not painted.

I took over my Family's dining room table for a few nights. It was an explosion of needles and fabric for a few days... 

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